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On a ground level, sex should be a fun and healthy activity that everyone can enjoy responsibly.

However, the actual act of intercourse isn't always as easy or attractive as the movies would make out.

All those flailing limbs, communication issues, and bodily functions can sometimes make the moment a lot less sexy than it should be.

In the worst case scenarios, it can almost become as embarrassing as something seen in the American Pie movies, that wouldn't dare share with anyone.

Yet some brave souls over on Reddit have been sharing their most embarrassing (and sometimes painful) sexual moments for us all to read and they are truly hysterical.

Warning: Some of these are NSFW so proceed with caution.

LilMeatTarzan kicks things off with this agonising moment:

"I was really drunk and tried to slap her ass and punched myself in the nuts."

hellmoth describes how oral sex ended in an accident and a big bruise.

I tried to dismount from his face and fell off the bed into my side table. While my parents were asleep.

I ended up with a giant bruise on one of my knees. Thankfully neither of my parents decided to investigate the loud crashing.

Silver_Age_Collector here with a stark warning about satin sheets.

Slid across the satin sheets and knocked myself out on the headboard.

The dangers of small beds next to windows fully explained here by Dillythekiid.

While having sex my freshman year of college on those terribly small beds I tossed her onto my bed and she hit her head on the window sill.

Which ended up cutting the back of her head open, which of course caused her head to start bleeding profusely all over my bed and then had to take her to the campus hospital to get stitches.

She ended up telling her parents she was jumping on her bed and hit her head on the ceiling.

The story from ratchnad describes why you should be mindful of what you watch before engaging in sex.

It wasn't that embarrassing, but one time my ex and I were trying to have sex just after we watched a bunch of episodes of To Catch a Predator.

We both couldn't get it out of our heads, and midway through foreplay he said 'why don't you take a seat' and we both died laughing.

We still went through with it, but it was interrupted by intermittent bouts of laughter between the both of us. We had to gather our composure a few times before it was done.

Telling jokes during sex isn't always the best idea as ConneryFTW found out.

This isn't so bad, but I was going down on my girlfriend at the time. Though of something funny, and I stopped momentarily to tell her the joke.

She started laughing, and while laughing farted. I made a face, which only caused her to laugh more and continue farting.

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