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A survey of 5,000 heterosexual adults has cast a light on the blunders in the bedroom that people find most frustrating in a partner.

Australian jewellery firm Forktip surveyed 5,000 people about their sex lives and it had some rather revealing results.

Believers in romance may not enjoy some of these responses.

Women's least favourite things about their male partner, according to the survey:

  • 'Weird noises'
  • 'Penis too small'
  • 'Ejaculates too quickly'
  • 'Changes position too frequently'

Men's least favourite things about their female partner, according to the survey:

  • 'Too loose'
  • 'Makes too much noise'
  • 'Breasts too small'
  • 'Lack of booty'

Not a good time

The top three situations that people would rather didn't come before sex include:

  • Just visited family
  • Feeling hungover
  • Feeling hungry

Sounds legit. Imagine all three at once.

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The survey also asked participants a number of questions about their attitudes to sex and relationships.

Sex is just a number

79.2 per cent of women surveyed admitted to lying to their current partner about the number of exes they had. For men it was 50 per cent.

The survey of Forktip didn't specify if people were pretending to have more or fewer exes.

Do androids dream of sex with humans?

Asked if they would consider replacing their partner with a sex robot if the experience was better, men and women answered in the affirmative:

  • Women: 49.6 per cent
  • Men: 71.3 per cent

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Favourite things to do before sex?

  • Drink alcohol
  • Drink coffee
  • Do drugs

The full results of Forktip's survey can be found here.

Advice websites for improving sex include Sexpression and the NHS.

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