Everything that's changed in the new Tube map

Transport for London released a new interactive version of the iconic Tube map on Thursday with a few design tweaks and the addition of some new lines.

Here's what's changed:

The font looks different

A thinner font has taken the place of the existing bold, blue variant - which has caused a few spacing problems on the interactive map...

A PDF version of the map on the TfL website still shows the old font and as such the Bakerloo line is looking A-OK.

There are compatibility issues

Evening Standard
There are two 'new' lines

Evening StandardThe Central line now has a kink in it

Tufnell Park has a red line through it

closed for nine monthsThe £60m Emirates Air Line has disappeared

It's still there on the PDF version though.

The District line branch to Kensington (Olympia) has disappeared

The PDF version of the new map still shows the route so we'll put this down to a clerical error. Although with services on the small District line branch to Kensington Olympia being reduced in 2011, could this be a warning of things to come?

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