The shape of your face says a lot about your sex life, according to scientists

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A new study claims that people with rounder, and wider faces, are more sexually motivated and have a stronger sex drive.

The research was led by Steven Arnocky, an associate professor of psychology at the Nipissing University, Canada.

Arnocky's team found a positive link between a person's facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) and their sex drive.

The two experiments that made up the study used a total of 457, male and female participants who were all in a romantic relationship at the time.

A higher FWHR (and therefore and rounder, wider face) reported having a higher sex drive than others.

Other facial characteristics, such as cheekbone prominence, did not produce the same link.

The link between FWHR and sex drive was the same for both men and women.

Where the sex of participant mattered, was when it came to attitudes to casual sex and infidelity.

Men with a higher FWHR were more casual about unattached sex, and there was also a correlation between men with a higher FWHR and their being open to cheating on their partner at some point in the future.

Eurkea Alert quoted Arnocky as saying:

Together, these findings suggest that facial characteristics might convey important information about human sexual motivations.

Previous studies have found other links between face shape and sexual related behaviours.

For instance; men with a higher FWHR have been found to be more aggressive, more dominant, and, less ethical. The same study also found they were considered to be more attractive as a short-term sexual partner compared to thinner and longer-faced males, but less attractive overall, especially when women were the judge.

The full study by Arnocky has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

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