Female TV host fired for 'inappropriate outfit' during live broadcast

Female TV host fired for 'inappropriate outfit' during live broadcast

A female TV game show host in Kuwait has been fired after viewers reportedly complained about her 'inappropriate outfit'.

Amal Al-Awadhi was "shocked" when controllers of the government-owned channel ordered a live broadcast to stop immediately.

Viewers had allegedly complained that her white dress was inappropriate, saying she should have been more modestly dressed for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends this weekend.

The 29-year-old, who is also an actor, reportedly took to Snapchat to complain about the decision, according to Stepfeed, and wrote:

I heard someone saying, 'Take Amal Al Awadhi off air now, or I'll shut down the channel.'

Al-Awadhi wore a knee-length dress with sleeves, an outfit choice that some people defended on social media.

She said she's still unsure as to why she was fired from her job.

Earlier this year, a female TV presenter was suspended after calling her male colleague handsome on air in Kuwait.

The throw-away joke was harshly punished by temporary suspension until further investigation into the incident, according to local reports.

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