Texas venue cancels rock band's gig after they share an anti-Trump Facebook post

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American rock band Filter has had one of its concerts cancelled after it posted an anti-Trump message on its Facebook account.

Richard Patrick, the band's lead singer, uploaded a video to the band's Facebook page, made during the sound check at the Speaking Rock Entertainment Centre in El Paso, Texas.

Alongside the video, Patrick wrote:

This is sound check!! We’re Playing El Paso!!! 

Get Here!!! Later and it will be packed!! A lot of trump bashing! 

Does anyone know Beto?? Bring Beto!

However, not long after the light-hearted anti-Trump message was posted to their Facebook account, Patrick made another post on the band's Instagram account, saying that the gig had been cancelled.

In the post, he explained that the venue 'didn't like' the post, and that they were getting bomb threats and threatening calls from Texans who didn't like it either. The venue also took issue with the band's plans to display the American flag upside down during the performance, claiming it was 'illegal' to do so.

Voicing his feelings regarding the decision, Patrick said he felt it went against his 'right to artistic expression'.

This is my right to artistic expression.

If they are going to tell me that I am un-American for saying that about the President, I’d ask them if they have been to Iraq or Afghanistan. 

I have been over there and love and respect the job that our troops are doing over there – fighting to ensure our rights to say what we like. 

As a matter of fact - I was asked recently what FILTER stands for and THIS IS IT - our freedom of expression!​

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Mashable reports Rock Entertainment Centre released a statement, saying:

Unfortunately due to safety concerns associated with Filter’s performance tonight we will be canceling [sic] their show. 

We want everyone who comes to our venue to experience entertainment with positivity, union, safety, and joy. 

We all have our own political views and want to respect everyone’s opinion, but our shows will not be a platform for it. We apologize for the cancellation

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