Fitness fanatics in Florida protest gym closures by angrily exercising together outside courthouse

Coronavirus has made a lot of people adapt their exercise routines. With gyms closed, many of us are doing classes from home or finding new ways to stay active in these strange times.

But some people are taking the gym closures much harder than others...

Florida protesters gathered to demand that the state reopen health clubs.

Weirdly, though, their chosen method was to gather to work out on the steps of a local courthouse, proving that you don’t need gyms to exercise?

That’s some strange logic.

The group of about 30 fitness fanatics gathered in front of the Pinellas County courthouse in Clearwater to protest against a statewide order that closed gyms statewide last month because of Covid-19, according to local news site WFLA-TV.

A video of the bizarre protest captures people doing push-ups in unison while others wave placards and American flags.

On social media people didn't think the protest made any sense...

But these people aren’t nearly the most odd forms of protest we’ve seen so far, after Trump supporters were filmed dancing to YMCA as they protested lockdown. A man in Michigan also wrote a pretty rude message in ahove the governor's house.

At least there weren't any guns, or bleach, involved.

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