Man arrested for ‘kidnapping woman and ordering her to post sexually explicit OnlyFans content’

<p>Demarko Spears, 30, faces a host of charges including battery and false imprisonment</p>

Demarko Spears, 30, faces a host of charges including battery and false imprisonment

Clearwater Police Department

A Florida man has been arrested on suspicion of kidnap and assault after he allegedly beat a woman and tried to force her to post sexually explicit content on OnlyFans.

Demarko Spears, 30, is accused of battering the victim and ordering her to create an account on the platform, threatening more violence unless she uploaded a video of herself having a threesome with him and another woman.

According to police in the city of Clearwater, the incident began on May 19, when Spears discovered that the victim had gone to a strip club without him, Fox13 reports.

The 30-year-old – whose relationship with the woman has not been revealed in order to protect her identity – proceeded to call her more than 100 times throughout the night.

At 7am the following day, the victim called Spears back and the two began to argue.

Police said Spears then went to her home and smacked her across the face.

He then trapped the woman in his car and drove around all day, ordering her to open the OnlyFans account at her own expense but insisting he would keep any money made by the content.

He also told her to cash her paycheck and give him all of the money, according to the arrest affidavit.

He then pulled up to a Credit Union to cash the check at which point she tried to flee. But he swiftly pulled her back into the car.

Finally, after Spears drove to a Costco parking lot, the victim was able to grab her phone, dial 911, and escape on foot.

However, Spears is alleged to have chased after her and tackled her to the ground, grabbing her phone and ID card before sprinting away from the scene.

Authorities arrested Spears the next day, and he now is facing charges of extortion, strong-arm robbery, felony battery, grand theft, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness.

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