Fox News says pre-judging MAGA hat wearers is the same as blaming rape victims for their outfits

When a nation is engaging in a culture war, you can always count on Fox News to pour gasoline on the fire.

During a segment on the much-discussed Covington Catholic High School controversy, in which a group of schoolboys were accused of jeering and mocking a native American protestor – an accusation they deny – Fox News really outdid itself with an inflammatory comparison.

A host suggested that judging people for wearing Make America Great Again hats was the same as judging a rape victim for what they were wearing when they were attacked. Yes, really.

The comparison came as the controversy surrounding the incident continued to roll on, with conservatives rallying around the boys, claiming they had been misunderstood.

Nick Sandmann, seen by many as the instigator of the incident, claimed total innocence and avoided apologising during a televised interview. The "Fox Five" hosts, predictably, echoed this view, saying that Sandmann was being demonised by “liberal media” because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Host Greg Gutfeld said:

What kills me, Jed, is the idea that if you’re wearing something you had it coming

We’ve learned that that’s not what you say to people.

His co-hosts all nodded in agreement, with one adding:

Yeah, the nerve to say that to a kid too

Imagine if you said that to a woman. That’s that line: ‘Oh you’re wearing a skirt like that, now you deserve it.’ I mean, it’s crazy.

H/T: The Cut

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