What's the worst thing that could happen to a news reader reporting on a story about people dying while taking selfies?

How about falling off your chair and potentially injuring yourself on live television?

That's exactly what happened to Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo during a segment on The Ingraham Angle.

As he was explaining to host Laura Ingraham about selfie deaths in India, where more than 250 people have died from trying to take selfies in the past seven years, he attempted to take his own selfie.

Posing with Ingraham with a bottle of Bud Light in his hand, Arroyo found himself leaning just too far back and suffered a tumble out of his chair and into the set behind him.

Almost seamlessly, Ingraham turned back to the camera, as if nothing happened, and began her next segment which was about the ACLU's campaign against Brett Kavanaugh.

She did ask members of the crew to check on Arroyo to make sure he was OK.

Footage of the calamity soon went viral and given it was on Fox News, hardly the most popular network out in the US, people were loving it.

However, we have some disappointing news for you.

If you thought this moment looked a little staged then you were correct.

Ingraham confirmed afterwards that the fall was a prepared joke that was just for fun "after a long week". Arroyo also confirmed this in follow-up tweets.

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