Fox News host dissects Trump’s entire impeachment defense argument in just two minutes

Fox News host dissects Trump’s entire impeachment defense argument in just two minutes

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial hasn’t gone quite as according to plan as the former president would have hoped and that’s mostly thanks to his own lawyer's incompetence.

Many notable Republican politicians were left stunned by what they saw in the Senate after just the first day of the trial, which saw Trump’s lead lawyer Bruce Castor ramble incoherently.

More recently, Trump’s defense team have attempted to provide video evidence of why the president should be considered to be innocent of inciting the violent mob that stormed the White House on 6th January.

One of these pieces of evidence included a long compilation of Democrats such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton using the word ‘fight’ during campaign speeches and at rallies.

However, the problem here is that all of these speeches didn’t lead to a violent insurrection where five people died. Additionally, their use of the word fight was purely figurative and didn’t encourage anyone too actually starting a physical fight.

This argument was torn to shreds by Fox News host Chris Wallace, who called in ‘silly’. Speaking on Fox on Friday, Wallace said, “Honestly, I think it’s a silly argument. Using the word in different contexts means different things. One of the constitutional things about the first amendment is ‘crying fire in a crowded theatre’ and that that’s not protected because that would be an incitement to a mob. If you ran 100 clips of people saying ‘fire’ it wouldn’t have the same meaning.”

He added that this line of evidence was ‘ludicrous’ and that it was ‘insulting half the injury.’ “I thought it was ludicrous, I also thought it was counterproductive because basically, you were insulting half the jury.” Wallace continued by highlighting that this team of lawyers is essentially Trump’s ‘third-string’ and nowhere near as effective as the team he had in the first trial and that although he thinks Trump will win he concluded that it had not been a “particularly effective defense.”

Wallace has proven himself to be one of the few notable figures on Fox News who has openly criticised Trump. He has previously told Trump that he was wrong on certain issues during interviews and even moderated the infamous first debate between Trump and Biden during last year’s election.

This isn’t the only video from Trump’s team which has prompted ridicule. Another compilation which features celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Madonna threatening violence against the ex-president has also prompted ridicule on social media.

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