The moment special forces police stormed a grocery shop in east Paris (Picture: AFP/Getty)
  • Two hostage situations near Paris have ended, with three gunmen confirmed killed by police - including the two brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre on Wednesday.

  • The brothers were killed at a printworks in a village called Dammartin, 25 miles to the north-east of Paris. They died after police stormed the building.

  • The other incident was at a kosher grocery store in the east of Paris itself near Port de Vincennes.

  • The gunman in that incident - named as Amedy Coulibaly - was also killed when police stormed the building.

  • Police had earlier released Coulibaly's name alongside that of a woman - Hayat Boumeddiene - as suspects in the shooting of a policewoman yesterday. It was unclear if Boumeddiene was also at the scene and she appears to still be at large.

  • President Hollande confirmed on Friday evening that four hostages were killed at the grocery store. They have not been named.

Printworks siege

  • The two brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Wednesday were killed by armed police today.

  • The incident came to a violent end at around 4pm (GMT) when special forces police stormed a printworks building.

The moment police stormed the printworks:

  • There was thought to be one person being held hostage. They were said to have escaped alive when police stormed the building.

  • The siege had begun at around 8.30am (GMT) when gunfire was heard near Dammartin, sparking a huge police operation.

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Grocery siege

  • In what appeared a co-ordinated attack, police stormed the grocery shortly after their colleagues had done the same at the printworks.

  • Reports say the gunman - Amedy Coulibaly - was killed when police stormed the building.

  • Some hostages were seen escaping from the building although four were also killed.

  • AFP reports a security source has said four more were injured in the attack.

  • The stand-off with police began when gunshots were heard just before 1pm (GMT) at the grocery.

The moment police stormed the grocery:

  • Coulibaly and Boumedienne are thought to be responsible for the murder of a policewoman in Paris on Thursday.

  • Coulibaly had reportedly made contact with police negotiators during the siege and demanded the release of the two suspects who were holed up at the printworks 25 miles away.

  • It was thought there were up to ten hostages being held in the grocery.

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