Friends might be coming to Netflix. People can't handle it at all

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Netflix is the place where we all go to binge watch TV shows.

All the classics are on there.

We're talking Breaking Bad, Peep Show, Gavin and Stacey, I'm Alan Partridge and The Office.

Then there are all the new shows too like Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Mindhunter, Peaky Blinders and The Crown.

We could honestly go on for days but one show is missing.

No, it's not Seinfeld, The Simpsonsor The X-Files.

No....this one:

Until now, Friends, one of the most popular TV shows of all-time has been absent from the streaming service.

Yet last night the Netflix UK and Ireland Twitter account posted this cryptic message.

In case you aren't a Friends aficionado, this is a reference to the title of every episode of the show ever i.e "The One with The Monkey" or "The One With Rachel's Sister".

This little clue sent a lot of people on the Internet into pandemonium at the prospect of being able to watch the classic sitcom on loop forever.

Netflix is yet to confirm when Friends will be arriving on the platform but their tweet is a pretty strong indicator that it will be on there soon.

Unless it's just some cruel joke, of course.

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