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Donald Trump and Boris Johnson found themselves in the same room as the pair gear up for the G7 Summit - and one particular photo of the pair has reached meme proportions.

Trump has praised Boris Johnson as the “right man for the job” of delivering Brexit.

As the two leaders held their first meeting, the US president promised a “very big trade deal,” whilst Boris had fighting words for Trump, saying the deal will not be “smooth sailing.”

Whilst the pair attend the G7 summit in France and address an itinerary of topics put together by French president Emmanuel Macron including the gender pay gap and climate change, one picture is providing much comic relief.

This picture:

([Picture: Stefan Rousseau - Pool/Getty )

People online turned the photo into a meme

And the photo collaborated with other well-known Internet memes

Boris adopted The Point as well, when he arrived at the G7 Summit in the south of France

Others online provided NSFW jokes

"Write a story about this photo in six words"

There was also a caption contest, because of course there was

And others suggested potential reasons why Trump was pointing at Boris

There was also this:


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