A garden gnome’s been held ransom by thieves in Scotland, who demand cheesecake in exchange for its freedom
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It was a case ‘go hard or go gnome’ for thieves in Scotland, after they took a café’s garden gnome hostage in exchange for two cheesecakes.

Butternut Squash Cafe, in Portobello, Edinburgh, seemingly first reported issues with the gnome on Monday, when it returned to the café after going missing the day before.

However, things escalated on Thursday, when the owners received an ominous note about the fate of their ornament.

“We have your gnome. If you want to see him again leave two cheesecakes when you shut the café. We will be watching,” the letter, shared on Facebook, reads.

Clearly experienced in the art of negotiation, the café initially offered a compromise, sharing a snap later that day of two pieces of shortbread outside the venue.

“Kidnappers your treasure awaits,” they wrote.

The cafe failed to ‘squash’ the thieves, though, who were rather underwhelmed by the offering which was different to what they asked for.

“Shortbread! We asked for cheesecake! You have 24 hours or your gnome gets dusty binned,” their latest message, accompanied with an image of a smashed gnome, reads.

The café added: “We will not negotiate with gnomenappers. #BringHimHome.”

Customers have since seen the funny side, with some even offering the café some replacements.

“We have a new butternut friend,” they revealed on Friday. “Ps cheesecake is sold out for now.”

Commenters have described the debacle as “brilliant”, with one saying it was “like a soap opera”.

“Ruthless and lawless with a sweet tooth. Dangerous combination,” said one.

Another added: “I hope they don’t start sending body parts back to you.”

It’s been more than 24 hours now since the threat of the gnome being “dusty binned” was made, and the café is yet to provide an update on whether their original gnome is still in one piece.

The case continues...

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