GB News presenters say men who harassed Chris Whitty are not thugs but just ‘drunk and excited’

GB News presenters say men who harassed Chris Whitty are not thugs but just ‘drunk and excited’

GB News is still trucking along showcasing ‘alternative opinions’ and today they’ve spun the wheel to decide that the people who harassed Chris Whitty in a park were not “thugs” but just “drunks” excited to see a public figure.

Discussing disturbing footage of the chief medical officer (CMO) being followed and grabbed by two men that emerged last night, Kirsty Gallacher and Darren McCaffrey said that, while it was unpleasant and they could see Whitty was “uncomfortable”, it it was not tantamount to harassment.

Gallacher said: “They are clearly very inebriated, I don’t think it’s massively disturbing”.

McCaffrey added: “I don’t necessarily think they are thugs, they’re just drunks.

“I don’t think they are harassing him.”

The clip in question shows two men grabbing Whitty and making a lot of noise while asking him for a photo. In the video, Whitty attempts to walk away but the men put their hands around his shoulders to try and pull him back.

The Metropolitan Police are now investigating the incident, which led MPs, ministers and other public figures to call for him to receive greater protection:

GB News’ Simon McCoy even said:

But his opinion was not shared by two of his colleagues.

“They’re not really being very nasty are they?” Gallacher said.

“They saw someone they recognised and got a bit excited”, McCaffrey replied.

It’s worth noting that Gallacher did say that incidents like these could escalate and Whitty would not have known whether or not the men involved were dangerous or not. She said in the future he should be protected in case people carry weapons. For his part, McCaffrey said that incidents like this should not happen.

But they stopped short of calling it harassment and were reluctant to criticise the men involved too heavily, which viewers saw as bizarre:

All in all, it seems that the hot takes at GB News are continuing to fly. Lucky us.

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