Teacher opens his GCSE results on live TV and only gets a 'C'

Teacher opens his GCSE results on live TV and only gets a 'C'

Opening GCSE results on live on television is becoming a bit of a tradition for students across the UK.

The potentially traumatising event makes for compelling morning TV, and one teacher’s results are being given the viral treatment.

Year 11 head of year Mr Riley, from Furness Academy in Cumbria, decided to support his students by taking the new GCSE maths exams.

He got a ‘5’, equivalent to a...‘C’.

Mr Riley opened his results on Good Morning Britain, which is average according to the new marking scheme.

His students had been gathered around him when he opened the envelope, and when he announced the result they erupted into cheers.

A new grading system was introduced this year, replacing the A* to G grades with a numerical grade system 1-9, similar to the International Baccalaureate.

Scoring a ‘9’ will give you the highest grade, whereas a '1' is the equivalent of a U, or a fail.

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