Here's what people really thought about the under-30s 'Question Time' special

Here's what people really thought about the under-30s 'Question Time' special

So we're pretty much done. In what will surely be the final televised debate before the general election of a lifetime, young people were given centre stage on the special under-30 edition of Question Time.

The panel was... interesting. Not least because all seven participants own their own homes (and bought them in their twenties, mostly), while the vast majority of the audience were left very much cold when asked the same question.

On the whole, the reception to the debate was one of cynical mocking, but there were of course some standout moments, and Twitter very much came through.

People were torn on Emma Barnett's presenting. It started off great.

But her "do you want to nationalise sausages" moment was not the dream.

(For context, it related to climate change, but also felt like lowkey Labour shade really.)

Angela Rayner also split opinions.

Unsurprisingly, no one was super into Nigel Farage.

Many were dubious about how representative the audience was, exactly.

People were kind of loving Jonathan Bartley though.

Conservative housing secretary Robert Jenrick, Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson, SNP justice secretary in the Scottish government Humza Yousaf, and Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price failed to make too much of an impression.

But all in all, people agreed it was rather a poor show.

If nothing else, at least an election will put an end to the endless TV posturing... for a little while anyway.

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