Tories vow to spend more money on potholes than childcare

Darren Richman
Monday 25 November 2019 11:45

The Conservatives, who once claimed they were trying to rectify their image as the “nasty party”, are vowing to spend more money on potholes than childcare.

As part of their manifesto, the Tories have promised £2 billion for potholes, apparently the "biggest ever pothole-filling programme".

In reference to the potholes, Boris Johnson has even confirmed, in a tweet that they 'will get the job done.'

Here's the official Tory Twitter account confirming the pledge.

In contrast, there will supposedly be £1 billion made available for childcare providers, increasing after school and holiday provision for working parents.

A spokesperson for the Labour party said:

This is a no hope manifesto, from a party that has nothing to offer the country, after spending ten years cutting our public services to the bone.

This pathetic offer from Boris Johnson’s Tories means more cuts, more failure and more years of Brexit uncertainty.

People, predictably, had thoughts especially as the government no seem to value the state of roads over children's wellbeing.

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