Girl, 10, makes hilarious movie trailer about her parents’ divorce and it's Oscar-worthy

Your parents are getting a divorce and you have a lot of feelings about it, so what do you do?

Why, make a movie trailer about it all – of course.

One 10-year-old girl channelled her sadness and creativity into a very imaginative film project.

Now 17 years old (according to her Twitter account @filmtrashed), Victoria Valle Remond rediscovered the movie trailer she made seven years ago and posted it on Twitter yesterday.

And it’s absolutely hilarious.

Complete with dramatic music, the movie trailer for Robin Scarlett’s (critically acclaimed!) film A Shattered Relationship features a montage of images from the creator’s parents’ relationship.

It also comes with reviews from the (totally real and not made up organisation) National Bureau of Divorce and the (equally real) Broken Family Film Festival.

At the time of writing, the tweet has received more than 300,000 likes and 50,000 retweets, along with loads of hilarious reactions:

Because the quality of the movie trailer featured expert-level editing, some people questioned the legitimacy of Remond creating it when she was just 10 years old.

To which she responded:

And if you were wondering how the movie/Remond’s parents’ relationship ends, she clarified in a few follow-up tweets that they have since “divorced twice”.

Can anyone else hear that Oscar buzz or is it just us?

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