The map of the greatest countries in the world (according to other countries)


The UK is officially the third greatest country in the world. Third! We're number three!

Germany took the top spot in the inaugural rankings by the US News & World Report in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and BAV Consulting. The survey asked more than 16,000 worldwide respondents' perceptions of countries.

The rankings, which assess countries across dozens of metrics including quality of life, entrepreneurship and cultural influence, as well as economic and developmental indicators, show Germany as the 'Best country in the world', followed by Canada, the UK, the US and Sweden.

The below graphic by Statista displays the top ten in the 2016 rankings:

Of the 60 countries surveyed, Algeria came bottom of the index, followed by Ukraine, Iran, Nigeria and Pakistan. You can browse interactive tables on the US News website, here.

The rankings prompted responses from diplomatic accounts around the world:

The UK scored highly for 'entrepreneurship', 'power' and 'citizenship' sub-indices, scoring poorly for 'adventure' (best countries to visit for travel) and 'movers' (best countries for up and coming economies).

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