A Kensington resident donated her council tax rebate to victims at Grenfell tower

Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower

The Grenfell fire tragedy has seen an outpouring of emotion and donations to the victims.

The disaster has taken 30 lives, however police say a total of 58 are presumed dead.

Since Tuesday evening, members of the public have been donating clothes, food and money to those caught up in the event.

However, Ellen, a woman who lives in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where Grenfell is situated, had a very different reason for her contribution.

She wrote a letter to the Guardian which you can read in the tweet below,

As she explains, in 2014 she received a £100 bonus from the council due to their careful management of finances of the years.

Ellen quotes them as saying she received the reimbursement for the council:

consistently delivering greater efficiencies while improving services.

Poorer residents, who claimed council tax support or discounted bills, were exempt from the bonus.

Ellen then adds that certain services in the area must be performing extremely well as the councils projected reserves of £167 million for the end of 2017 has climbed to £209 million - yet none of that money was invested in sprinkler systems for the Grenfell tower.

After the fire happened on Wednesday morning, Ellen gave her £100 bonus to a local church.

Twitter was moved and angered by her story.

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