Greta Thunberg dunks on Davos crowd's 'tough questions'

Greta Thunberg dunks on Davos crowd's 'tough questions'
Greta Thunberg criticises world leaders at Davos for 'fuelling destruction of the …

Greta Thunberg - the 20-year-old Swedish climate activist - has ventured to Davos, Switzerland to speak with leaders about the future of energy.

The annual World Economic Forum is underway this week with political leaders, celebrities, business leaders, investors, and more gathering to discuss world issues.

At the top of that is climate change.

As a notable climate activist having just come off a protest where she was detained, Thunberg was invited. During a meeting with the International Energy Agency, she called on energy companies and financiers to stop using fossil fuels.

But besides addressing climate change, Thunberg was also forced to address a series of “tough” questions from Rebel News, a right-wing media outlet from Canada.

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Journalists from the media agency bombarded Thunberg with questions asking if she staged her detainment at the German coal mine, if she was a child actor, if she had a PR agency running her Twitter account, if she took a private jet, and more.

Thunberg laughed off the ridiculous questions and sarcastically answered others.

“Have you ever been on a private jet, even once?” One reporter asked Thunberg.

She responded jokingly, “I own 100 private jets.”

The same journalist accused Thunberg of staging her arrest for a photo-op asking, “How many times were you arrested? You posed for it didn’t you?”

Thunberg rolled her eyes and sarcastically responded, “Sure."

When asked if she had a media agency pre-plan her detainment she responded, “Sometimes I wish I had one it would be much simpler then.”

A Rebel News reporter then asked Thunberg who runs her Twitter account, accusing her of using a PR agency.

“That’s me that’s why it’s so bad," Thunberg responded giggling.

The constant questions continued for nearly 20 minutes. Thunberg either did not respond or responded jokingly to the reporters' accusatory questions.

At one point, one asked Thunberg what her thoughts were on the cost of living crisis, which he attributed to the net-zero energy policies.

"Yeah that's definitely why we are experiencing a cost of living crisis," Thunberg said sarcastically.

The 20-year-old clarified to the reporters that she doesn't take anything seriously and laughs often.

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