Elizabeth Warren called Jonathan Van Ness and his freak-out was the most relatable thing

Elizabeth Warren called Jonathan Van Ness and his freak-out was the most relatable thing

Jonathan Van Ness has been serving Warren 2020 vibes in his latest Instagram post, which sees the presidential hopeful call him up to thank him for his endorsement.

Van Ness is undeniably the most politically outspoken member of the Queer Eye cast, even referencing Brexit in one episode.

His hugely popular podcast Getting Curious explores issues ranging from the US's involvement in the Yemen conflict to the impact of the Clean Water Act.

In his most recent episode about Planned Parenthood, Van Ness "blurted out" his support for Warren, and followed it up with a tweet confirming it.

It seems the senator spotted this, because she called him up to say thank you, and what ensued was an adorable video of Van Ness fangirling in the most relatable way.

While Van Ness visibly silent-squeaks, Warren says:

I'm glad we're going to be in this fight together side by side. I want your endorsement - and for all the right reasons.

Van Ness said he realised he supported Warren's nationalised healthcare plan when he misplaced his HIV medication and had to spend thousands of dollars to replace it.

He went public with his HIV status just this past weekend in a New York Times interview ahead of the release of his book, Over The Top.

Van Ness told Warren he wanted her to come on his podcast, and was "ready to disseminate". He continued:

I'm really good at getting rid of stigma, honey, so whatever we've got to do to destigmatise the idea of healthcare for all.

The IGTV video was posted last night and has already had over a million views.

He also posted it to Twitter...

...where people are absolutely living for this partnership.

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