GTA 6 fans have predicted the entirety of hotly anticipated December trailer

GTA 6 fans have predicted the entirety of hotly anticipated December trailer
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Gaming fans think they’ve been able to predict exactly what the trailer for GTA 6 will include before it’s even been released.

Rockstar Games thrilled fans after announcing it was going to release the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. It has been ten years since the company released the fifth iteration of the immersive videogame in 2013, selling 185 million copies.

While few specifics have been revealed about GTA 6 (here’s everything we know so far), fans of the series think they’ve nailed the contents of the trailer based on what has come before.

In a Reddit sub dedicated to the new game, a post has predicted the specific frames and imagery that will feature in the trailer for GTA 6 by “analyzing Rockstar’s previous first trailers” for game releases.

According to their prediction, the opening frame will be a landscape scene in the early morning, showing the sun just beginning to rise above the horizon.

They suggest the GTA 6 trailer will also feature a bluish-toned daylight scene and an evening shot during sunset.

If their predictions are correct, there will also be an ambient scenic shot with a bluish tone, followed by a yellow-toned ambient scene.

The lead character will then be introduced before there is an evening outro shot. The final frame will be of a sunset outro shot that then fades to the game logo.

Fellow fans of the game were impressed by the level of detail and revealed it made them even more excited for the release of GTA 6.

One Redditor commented: “What I love about this is it reminds me of being blown away by the graphics for each trailer the first time I watched. 6 is going to blow our minds.”

Another said: “You guys are something else man, but this game series deserves this kind of fandom because GTA games are so immersive.”

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