Student who went viral for impressive eye roll at Nigel Farage inundated with marriage proposals

Student who went viral for impressive eye roll at Nigel Farage inundated with marriage proposals

A student who went viral after she was filmed giving a very impressive eye roll behind Nigel Farage during a Brexit debate has been inundated with marriage proposals.

Harriet Ellis, 21, a classics student at the University of Birmingham, said she's been overwhelmed with the response she's received on Twitter.

Speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat, she said:

I've had marriage proposals too, which my boyfriend definitely isn't too happy about.

Ms Ellis went viral after she dramatically rolled her eyes while Nigel Farage was arguing that prime minister Theresa May was trying to deliver a 'Remainers' Brexit'.

A video of her doing the impressive roll posted on her Twitter account garnered an impressive 8,000 re-tweets and more than 60,000 likes.

She also revealed that she only had 12 followers before she appeared on the show, and now she's got nearly 5,000. She also took to the site to request that people stop following her.

In a tweet, she wrote:

Guys please don't follow me I have nothing good to say.

She was also keen to clear up the fact that she didn't regard herself as a 'hero', despite the fact many other social media users had described her as such:

Harriet revealed that she voted for Brexit in 2016, but that it was Farage's mention of an apparent 'Remainer's Brexit' that prompted her to roll her eyes.

Speaking to the BBC, she said:

I think anything Nigel Farage says would make me eye-roll.

But it was just the fact that he said 'We've got a Remainer's Brexit' when we absolutely haven't.

We've got a Brexit fuelled by the wishes of the Leave campaign and Theresa May is not giving us a Remainer's Brexit at all.

She also explained how the whole experience of going viral was 'strange' and that she hadn't expected it all to blow up.

This guy came up to me and said 'Have you checked your phone?' I replied 'No' and he said 'Your phone is about to blow up'.

He showed me the video and it had 3,000 views at that point. I thought 'OK cool' and then it just kept blowing up until even JK Rowling liked it.

That was really strange.

Farage was talking at a Channel 4 debate representing Leave Means Leave position, which also featured Justice Secretary David Gauke, Shadow Trade Sceretary Barry Gardiner and Caroline Lucas. It was hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy in Birmingham.

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