This Harry Potter fan edited one of the books, and the result is incredible

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An avid fan has fixed one of the biggest problems in the whole Harry Potter series, and you've got to see it.

For many Potter-philes, the death of Hedwig, Harry's beloved pet owl, in the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was one of the most distressing moments of the entire series.

Why, they wondered, was it necessary to kill off Harry's trusty sidekick?

It all happens during the 'Battle of Seven Potters' at the height of the 'Second Wizarding War', when the beloved snowy owl is murdered by on of Voldemort's Death Eaters.

However, in this new version, she is simply injured, and lives to fly another day. Thank goodness!

In the amended passage, the fan has written:

But the owl lay motionless for only a few seconds.

Then she stirred and popped to her feet, ruffling her feathers.

After exiting the damaged cage, she gave Harry a reproachful look that he took to mean "I'm going to fly off somewhere and lay low until this nonsense is over".

The unnamed fan posted the amendment to the Harry Potter fan page, where it quickly went viral.

Many fans were quick to praise the amendment on the page, even suggesting new amendments.

One wrote:

Perfect. Now, fix Dobby. He just didn't deserve to die.

Another added:

Now do Sirius.

And a third summed it up:

The only Fan theory I approve.

JK Rowling even referenced the death on Twitter.

Taking to the social media site, she wrote:

I've never felt worse about that thing I did to Hedwig.

Long live Hedwig!

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