Globe Theatre's sprinkler system triggered as 40C heat causes fire chaos in UK

Globe Theatre's sprinkler system triggered as 40C heat causes fire chaos in UK
UK heatwave: Huge fire on Dartford Heath rages near motorway

As temperatures in the UK hit a record-high of 40.2°C (104.4°F) parts of Britain, including Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, experienced chaos as infrastructures suffered from the extreme heat.

Videos from across the country surfaced all over social media showing how damaging the record temperatures were as wildfires began tearing through brush and homes.

In one video, a massive fire can be seen burning parts of a village outside of East London, another shows fires burning forests on the side of the highway.

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Even Shakespeare's Globe Theatre experienced issues as the fire alarm in the building was sounded on Tuesday purely because of the heat.

The video shows staff at the theatre scrambling for cover as the sprinkler system doused parts of the Globe in water.

"When global warming sets off your thatched roof's anti-Puritan/cannonfire sprinklers," George wrote on Twitter. Attaching a video of the theatre's fire alarm system going off.

But most startling is the footage of multiple fires that have broken out in areas like London, Kent, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and more. Several videos show fire departments attempting to control the blaze in the 40°C heat.

The London Fire Brigade declared Tuesday a "major incident response" as they tried to put out fires and asked people to only call in an emergency.

They also urged people to not conduct bonfires or barbecues and asked people to properly discard lit cigarettes as they can all create unintentional wildfires.

On Monday, the Royal Air Force was forced to halt planes as the runway began to experience melting-like issues due to the heat. Trains were unable to operate under the sweltering conditions. Infrastructures across the UK felt the effects of excessive heat pointing to the major issues global warming has left people unprepared for.

Since heat of this nature is unprecedented in the UK, many people are being forced to find creative solutions to cope. Even zoos have been forced to find solutions to keep their animals cool.

But Wednesday has promised some relief as temperatures are expected to lower into the high 20s Celsius (low 80s Fahrenheit).

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