Here are some of the best reactions to The Sun's 'Nazi salute Queen' front page

You may or may not have seen, at this point in your weekend, the front page of Saturday's The Sun.

If you haven't yet, you will, because the splash is a picture of a six-year-old Queen Elizabeth II mimicking the Queen Mother's gesture in what is widely recognised as a Nazi salute.

Unsurprisingly, the exposure of these pictures from a 1933 video, the year Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and the Nazis' reign of terror was just getting underway, has caused all the outrage it probably aimed to.

To be fair to The Sun, which dedicated no less than seven pages to the story, they qualifed the publication of the pictures in a small column on page six which says that they must be seen "in context":

However: lots of people aren't buying that justification.

Which of course has given everyone an excuse to take aim at The Sun more generally.

Some people genuinely seemed to take this as evidence of a royal Nazi agenda, though.

And of course the paper has its defenders.

It didn't take long for people to start taking the mickey.

And the memes that will dominate the internet this weekend started:




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