This 8-year-old special needs girl was shamed at a baseball game

Monica Beaver Facebook

People are furious with a woman who snapped at a young girl with special needs for being too loud at a baseball game in Houston.

Monica Beaver shared a video featuring eight-year-old daughter Chloe Beaver who was told off by a woman seated in front of them at an Astros game.

The woman turned back and told Chloe that her behaviour was ‘enough.’

Beaver revealed that her daughter has disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD). This means that it is difficult for her to ‘comprehend emotions greater than that of a toddler.’

They attended three games that week so that Chloe could cheer for Jose Altuve, her favourite player and her mum shared the video on Facebook, and captioned it:

‘This is my 8 year old daughter, Chloe, ‘ she began.

She was cheering and "distracting the other team" this woman in the row in front of her told her "enough" because she was too loud.

This poor baby shut down. Completely defeated and refused to cheer the remainder of the game (5 innings) in fear she would get in trouble by this lady again! She is a HUGE Altuve fan and has been there trying to cheer her home team on!

And now she may not want to go back. This was a big step for her and her family. To find an outlet for her to positively express herself and now because of a stranger that may have been ruined! [sic]

The post garnered lots of sympathetic messages from people across the world.

One woman wrote: ‘Bless her heart how awful.’

Another added:

F**k that. Your daughter should be able to be happy and yell out and show happiness. I'm so done with ppl that feel the need to say something and make a child feel bad.

People also reassured Chloe that it was OK to be herself

Facebook user Sheriann Harris said:
Your daughter is beautiful! Sporting events are a place that she should be able to cheer. I’m sure you told her that women was wrong . Bless her and hoping she will continue to enjoy her team.

Even baseball players from her fav team and other teams rushed in to send Chloe words of support:

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