Twins, 92, ‘full of joy’ at reunion after one-year Covid-19 separation

Twins Minnie Walsh and Patrick Speed finally reunite after one year
Twins Minnie Walsh and Patrick Speed finally reunite after one year

Twins aged 92 have said they are “full of joy” at being reunited after being separated for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Minnie Walsh and Patrick Speed, from Hull East Yorkshire were apart for the first time in decades when the coronavirus crisis hit last year.

Before that the siblings, who are both married, had spent their entire lives close to each other, apart from a two-year period when Patrick had to go to India during the Second World War.

The close-knit brother and sister were finally reunited at Saltshouse Haven care home in Hull earlier this week after they were both given their Covid vaccines.

Twins, Minnie and Patrick Speed finally reunite after one year

Patrick said: “Life is back to normal now as we’ve always been together and always lived close together, we were born together and we are back together.”

Minnie added: “We cried when we saw each other. We accepted it, as we had to, but it’s great to see him again. We are full of joy to be back together after such a long year.”

Footage of their reunion showed Patrick walking over to his sister with a nurse before the pair shared a kiss and a warm embrace.

It was a moment which brought tears to the eyes of their carers, who witnessed the tender moment.

Liza Beukes, managing director of parent company We Care Group, said: “Minnie and Patrick’s reunion was a very emotional moment that has left all those watching with tears in their eyes.

“As soon as we learned that Minnie and Patrick were twins living in the same home but separate units, we decided to move them together. A very much needed moment of joy after such a long and difficult year for our residents.”

The care home’s activity co-ordinator Chantelle Musgrove said: “It was really nice to see, I didn’t expect everyone to cry. It was nice to know they have normality.

“It’s important for people’s emotional wellbeing to reunite with siblings and family members.”

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