Hurricane Irma has hit the west coast of Florida, bringing with it high winds and extreme flooding.

The BBC reports that at least 3.4 million homes in the state are without power and four people are said to have died.

Irma has already left a path of devastation in the Caribbean and scenes aren't much different in the city of Miami, which has been flooded.

Just like in Houston, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, journalists are going above and beyond to report on the storm.

Meteorologist and Weather Channel presenter Mike Seidel along with his crew are perhaps a bit too committed to documenting the event.

I mean just look at that footage. That can't be safe.

People are now seriously concerned for their safety.

He even slipped and fell at one point which was really scary.

He's been out there since early Sunday morning and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Thankfully, Mike tweeted this video 12 hours ago and things seem to have quietened down.

Mike, please take a well earned break after this.

You've definitely earned it.

HT BBC, Twitter

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