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For some of us, air travel can be a bit tense. We are flying through the air in a metal tube full of highly flamable fuel, after all.

But next time you’re on a plane and you feel those all familiar jitters, there’s one thing you’re surrounded by that’s designed to keep you calm: the seats.

The reason the seats are blue on planes is because it produces a calming effects on the body, The Sun reported.

Experts at Colour Psychology say:

Blue is a colour that suggests peace - it’s the colour of the calm sea and the clear sky, both of which are linked to inner serenity, calm and clarity.

Blue is also shown to slow heart rate and breathing, so it can be a good colour to aid in meditation or relaxation.

The colour blue is also thought to be trustworthy – which is probably a good trait for a plane company to exhibit, let’s be honest.

Shelly Zundell, a senior manager with industrial design firm Teague, told the Boeing website:

The idea is to give airplanes a more residential feeling, with relaxing colours and restful designs.

And aside from how calm we feel, Virginia Tripp, a designer who studies colour psychology, explains:

Colours also can influence a person's perception of humidity, temperature and aroma.

A study in 2009 also found that the colour blue can make people more creative. So save your most important work for that next flight.

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