'Stuff for sale' Facebook groups are normally a place for people to attempt to rid themselves of unwanted clutter.

If you’re in need of a used laptop charger, or a juicer from an abandoned health kick, then it’s definitely the place to shop.

But every now and again something comes along that’s simply priceless, much like Stewart Knox’s invisibility cloak.

Among the adverts for old CDs and chipped furniture, Stewart is selling his invisibility cloak for a mere £200 on a Facebook group.

When Stewart posted the advert he obviously wasn’t being serious, but in true Fred and George Weasely style he couldn’t resist creating a little mischief online.

In the item description, he said:

Selling my invisibility cloak. I have included one picture of the cloak and one with it on.

Size 42 men’s with a 15 inch collar and two inside pockets in colour blue. Still has tags on it, worn a few times but selling as I’ve put some weight on and is tight around the chest.

Grab yourself a bargain.

Facebook users flooded to the comments section, with the post quickly going viral and receiving thousands of likes.

Speaking to UNILAD, Stewart explained the inspiration behind his hilarious advert:

I had a bad hand injury so I was off work for a week recovery and I get bored very easily. I got the hand injury the first day back from our family holiday in Florida.

My nine-year-old son Daigan, he had bought one of those Harry Potter wands over there and we had talked about how awesome it would be if you could actually buy an invisibility cloak and what you could get up to with one.

If the post makes people laugh then I’ll usually do it.

Laughter is the best medicine out there and I’m always looking for an angle to make a joke or make people laugh. It’s the best thing in the world. You forget all your worries and fears.

As for his friends and family’s reaction to his new found online fame, Stewart admits that his son thinks he is a “a cool dad now”.


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