The IDF is officially on TikTok and we’re ready to quit this simulation

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Thursday 23 January 2020 11:30

TikTok: A platform for teens, who make fun, 20-second videos set to music.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF): The lethal and highly trained military forces of Israel which has been criticised for the extreme force it uses to carry out its missions, especially when it comes to their deployment in occupied Palestine.

These two seem like uneasy bedfellows.

And yet that hasn’t stopped the IDF from making their debut on the social media platform – with a video of a soldier firing rounds, soundtracked by a rap song.

Ever classy, the IDF official account announced the launch… with a bomb joke.

Given that Amnesty reports the IDF unlawfully killed around 290 Palestinian citizens (including over 50 children) in 2018, this seems like… poor judgement.

Another TikTok posted on the IDF official profile shows a soldier shooting during target practice, set to a song by rapper DaBaby called ‘Death’. Lyrics overlaying the clip include the repeated line “You gon die”.

Unsurprisingly, the IDF’s latest foray into social media is attracting a hefty amount of criticism.

People pointed out the video glorifies violence, on a platform whose primary users are young people.

Others also highlighted that the US had recently banned their own military forces from using TikTok.

One user questioned TikTok’s definition of harmful content.

And another simply said that life had begun to imitate art in the worst way.

Armies accused of war crimes making light-hearted viral videos? We’re really not on board.

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