Brexit Party MEP June Mummery isn't as well known as her colleagues like Nigel Farage and Ann Widdecombe but in the past week has become infamous for her comments on Brexit and the fishing industry.

On Monday, she confused many people after appearing to realise that by leaving the European Union, Brits will no longer be able to hold those people in Brussels responsible for what happens to 'Britain's waters.'

You could have been forgiven for thinking that this 'lightbulb' moment from a Brexiteer would have been the last we would have heard from her, as, after all, Brexit is going to happen on January 31.

But, bless her, she has now posted a follow-up video explaining her position and, to be honest, we are even more befuddled. She says:

Yesterday, I wrote a tweet expressing my concern that under Boris Johnson's withdrawal agreement the British fishing industry will have to endure an 11-month period where the EU has total, unchecked control of British waters. 

In those 11 months, the EU could allow for even more electro-pulse fishing, continue to allow super trawlers to pillage our seas, cut UK fishing quotas and do more damage to our biodiversity and ecology. 

As a litmus test of a true Brexit, the fishing industry should never have become a bargaining chip and should have always been a separate issue and I'm sure that many people will be applauded at the thought of the EU controlling our fisheries even for a small time. 

I've always been steadfast in my opposition to both the May and Johnson version of the withdrawal agreement and advocated for a clean break Brexit. 

However, as the withdrawal agreement is now on its way to become law, it is unlikely that we will be able to reclaim our fishing grounds on day one of Brexit. 

Therefore, I think it is of paramount importance that some sort of oversight is put in place to ensure that Britain's fishers are not punished for their Brexit stance. 

Yet, with less than two weeks to go, I find it concerning that we are still waiting for oversight arrangements to be made.

I take my responsibilities to the fishing industry seriously and believe that knowledge is power, especially within institutions like the European parliament. 

Mummery's latest contribution to the Brexit discourse has left people dumbfounded.

Also, wasn't Nigel Farage a member of the EU fisheries committee...

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