White House spokesperson holds back tears when presented with Israeli death toll

White House spokesperson John Kirby chokes up on CNN about Israel attack

White House spokesperson John Kirby choked up while being interviewed on CNN about Hamas attacks on Israel .

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday morning, first launching rockets across the border before attacking both civilians and military targets in the south of the country. More than 100 people, including civilians, have been taken hostage by the group.

Israel responded with airstrikes on Gaza and has declared a “complete siege” on the enclave.

The Israeli government has cut off water, food and power supplies to more than two million civilians living in the region.

At least 900 people have reportedly been killed in Israel , while more than 650 have died in Gaza since the conflict began.

Joe Biden said on Monday, 9 October, that at least 11 Americans have been killed in Israel while other US citizens are “likely” among the hostages being held by Hamas.

After seeing images of the victims, Kirby said: “It’s very difficult to look at these images and the human cost and these are human beings, they are family members, they're friends, they're loved ones, cousins, brothers, sisters.

“It’s difficult, and I apologise,” he added as he appeared to hold back tears.

As the host replied, he has nothing to apologise for.

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