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The Mail on Sunday's front-cover splash that claims to reveal Jeremy Corbyn's 'extremist views' and 'chaotic personal life' is being mocked on social media.

The article quotes excerpts from a new book by author Tom Bower called 'Dangerous Hero: Corbyn's ruthless plot for power', and makes a series of lacklustre claims, such as during a four-year marriage he 'never read a book', and that the Labour leader can't tell the difference between Heinz baked beans and Tesco's own brand.

Wow, this is chilling, dangerous stuff.

Many people took to Twitter to share some of the bizarre revelations with the hashtag #DangerousHero, which trended on Sunday.

Some pointed out the baked beans assertions.

Others were shocked by the fact he likes cycling and camping in Europe. Ouch.

And that he reportedly didn't read a 'single book' during a four-year marriage.

He also owned a cat. And called said cat Harold Wilson. I'm terrified.

Is this whole #DangerousHero thing supposed to make Corbyn... sexy!?

Well watch out, the man does make jam... and observe drain covers.

But perhaps worst of all, Corbyn showed a 'distressing lack of interest' in Medieval towns. What a monster.

And went camping, once.

One, however, summed it up.

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