Picture: franckreporter/istock
Picture: franckreporter/istock

The introduction of the Night Tube last month – which sees 24-hour services on Fridays and Saturdays – has come as a welcome relief for London’s night owls.

Transport for London is investing £3.4 million towards policing for the Night Tube, and so far incidents have been low.

But a new study is showing which lines have the most anti-social behaviour and crime:

The London Underground logged over 2,000 incidents in the past year.

That’s 2,316 people vomiting, fighting, pulling the alarm for giggles and doing all manner of things to make the workers’ jobs harder.

However, three lines come out with particularly unruly passengers...

1. Northern Line

The Northern Line suffered 389 incidents, including 64 fights and 52 drunkards (who did annoying things like vomit on the train and setting off the fire alarm for fun).

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2. Jubilee Line

Coming in at close second is the Jubilee, with 350 issues reported - over half of which included people throwing up (a crowd favourite), littering and basically making a mess.

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3. Piccadilly Line

This line had 293 incidents.

Picture: andrearoad/istock

Director of Enforcement and On-Street Operations Steve Burton told the Evening Standard:

The Northern and Jubilee lines rank among the top four busiest railway lines in the country with more than 360 million passenger journeys made annually.

Services on London Underground are now more reliable than ever before, having improved by 38 per cent since 2011 and by more than that on the Northern and Jubilee lines.

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