ITV announces Ghislaine Maxwell true crime documentary: everything you need to know

ITV announces Ghislaine Maxwell true crime documentary: everything you need to know

ITV has announced a Ghislaine Maxwell documentary that will feature a series of new interviews from alleged victims, staff, friends, lawyers, investigators and Ghislaine’s siblings. Some of whom will be speaking out for the first time.

The 59-year-old socialite is awaiting trial after being accused of helping billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein traffic underage girls. In an interview from her prison cell, Maxwell told the Mail on Sunday: “I have been assaulted and abused for almost a year and a half.

“I have not had a nutritious meal in all that time. I haven’t slept without lights on – fluorescent lights that have damaged my eyes – or been allowed to sleep without constant interruptions.

“I am weak, I am frail. I have no stamina. I am tired. I don’t even have shoes which fit properly. They feed me rotten food. One apple had maggots in it. I have not been allowed to exercise.”

Here is everything we know about the documentary so far:

What will it be about?

Provisionally titled Ghislaine, the documentary will follow Maxwell’s trial.

It will explore her association with elite circles in Britain and the US, and how it resulted in her being accused of being embroiled in a world of sex trafficking and grooming.

Presented by Ranvir Singh, the ITV true crime documentary will take a look at exclusive testimonies, archive footage and offer new and revealing insight into Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged crimes.

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Maxwell, the former girlfriend and alleged madam with late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein AFP via Getty Images

ITV explained: “Ghislaine Maxwell strenuously denies her alleged involvement in the appalling crimes of which Jeffrey Epstein was accused, which have been blamed for ruining the lives of innocent girls. 

“The scandal has raised vital questions about the rich and powerful at the most rarefied levels of society and this film aims to shed new light on what happened and the people at the centre, by speaking to those closest to events.”

When will it air?

ITV is yet to confirm an official release date but has said the film will be shown after the conclusion of the trial.  

Indy100 will update with the latest information.

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