This brilliant kid asks an ITV newsreader if she's single

This brilliant kid asks an ITV newsreader if she's single

Appearing on ITV News on Tuesday night, 7-years-old Erin Cross asked newsreader Lucrezia Millarini if she was single.

Cross also deployed the classic line, that she was 'asking for a friend'.

Cross was awarded the 2017 WellChild award, for her bravery in surviving leukemia and for a winning dance routine.

She was interviewed on ITV after receiving the award from Prince Harry.

Millarini tweeted about the incident, and also told ITV News:

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Erin.

Her story really is an inspirational one.

She's been through so much for someone so young and she's done it all with a smile on her face and with an amazingly positive attitude.

A lesson to us all.

According to Millarini the question was a complete surprise.

I knew Erin had a question for me because she told me before we went on air.

Needless to say I had no idea it would be this one!

She'd already mentioned not letting her dad do embarrassing 'dad dancing' at last night's award ceremony and that she'd met Prince Harry 'more times than his girlfriend'.

So I knew she was a bit of a character!

And yes, I'm not easily embarrassed but this question did make me blush.

Although she did not answer on air, Millarini confirmed she is 'happily married'.

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