There's a new ITV talent show and people really aren't sure about it

With X Factor ratings sinking to an all-time low last year, ITV has been forced to search elsewhere for the next big talent show.

The channel’s new series, Change Your Tune, is a talent show for bad singers. The show, which debuted on April 1, confused audiences, with many suspecting that ITV were playing an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.

The reality show sees a group of people who struggle to sing in a tune undergo training from top vocal coaches to see if they can improve. Sunday night’s episode saw them take on live performances ahead of their lessons, and the results were, as you would expect, toe-curlingly off-key.

But it turns out that Change Your Tune is no joke. The series will run to its natural conclusion, where one contestant will win £10,000, despite the first episode receiving negative reviews from the public.

Though some viewers did see the funny side.

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