People are pointing out that Ivanka Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention had some similarities with step-mother Melania Trump’s speech two days earlier.

On Thursday, Ivanka Trump hailed her father President Donald Trump as the "people's president" who was willing to take on the political establishment as she campaigned for his second term in office.

Thursday night was a busy night for the Trumps because the debate around the similar speeches came as Melania broke the Internet for her stony facial expressions towards Ivanka following this very speech.

While standing on the South Lawn of the White House, and referring to her father, Ivanka said:

Whether you agree with him or not, you always know what he says.

Now, rewind to two days before that, (Tuesday 25 August) on Rose Garden at the White House where the First Lady offered up her speech for the RNC.

Melania said:

Whether you like it or not, you always know what he is thinking.

She said her husband is "an authentic person who loves this country and its people and wants to continue to make it better."

However, their great words about the president seemed to be overlooked by social media users who did not hesitate to point out that both speeches sounded the same at some points.

Twitter users even created an overlap of both speeches to prove their points.

Some tweeters did not hold back on their thoughts, with many calling it "repetitive":

Some people made this joke over and over again:

Others just called it "lazy":

Melania has previously been accused of “borrowing” speeches before from Michelle Obama when she was First Lady, but it seems this time the table has been slightly turned.

Following previous rumours of tensions between Ivanka and Melania, spectators can't help but wonder if this will add fuel to fire.

Of course, we can't really know unless the pair speak up about the speculations.

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