Ivanka Trump tried to claim her father took the pandemic more 'seriously' than anyone else

Ivanka Trump tried to claim her father took the pandemic more 'seriously' than anyone else

Ivanka Trump has claimed that her father, president Donald Trump took unprecedented action at the start of the pandemic when others were still not taking it "very seriously".

When campaigning for her father in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, the 38-year-old adviser to the president made a bold claim and said that if Trump had not taken action sooner then the loss of life in the US would have been a lot higher and added that those in Washington DC "were not taking it seriously".

In footage shared by The Recount she said:

I know what the loss of life could have been if he had not taken such early action to close our country, first from China and then from Europe. Unheard of, these are unprecedented actions at a time when most people, except through the lens of revisionist history, were not taking it very seriously on the Hill or elsewhere.

Although Trump did move quickly to close US borders from other countries, that was arguably the bare minimum that he did in the early stages of the pandemic, when he was still calling it a 'hoax' created by the Democrats and spread misinformation about how quickly a vaccine would be released, even calling for major church events to happen on the Easter weekend.

Ivanka's brazen claim has not gone down too well on Twitter, with some pointing towards the fact that Trump admitted to downplaying the seriousness of the virus during an interview with journalist Bob Woodward and the actions that Joe Biden and Democrats have urged Trump to take to stop the spread of Covid-19.

How serious Ivanka was taking the pandemic was also brought into question in May, when she took her family to Florida to view a SpaceX shuttle launch despite Nasa warning everyone to stay at home and watch the launch from there.

The United States has recorded both the highest number of cases and the highest amount of deaths from Covid-19 since the pandemic began, with even Trump himself testing positive for the virus.

Ivanka spent Monday campaigning for her father in Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin but polls still place the president behind Joe Biden in key swing states which could decide who wins the election on November 3.

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