On Wednesday President Donald Trump made the highly controversial move of banning all trans people from serving in the US military.

His decision, supposedly based on medical and financial reasons, was announced via unsurprisingly from his personal Twitter account.

Trump's announcement has already drawn criticism from prominent politicians and campaigners, such as John McCain, Kristen Beck and Chelsea Manning.

The move directly contradicts Trump's message to his LGBT supporters, who he thanked on Twitter just over 12 months ago.

While the focus of the decision will fall mainly on the President, the hypocrisy of this discrimination can also be traced back to his daughter Ivanka.

As recently as four weeks ago, the 35-year-old posted a message of support for her LGBTQ "friends" on Twitter and thanking them for their contributions to America.

Ivanka, who is employed as a Presidential advisor (for some reason), is yet to comment on her father's announcement, but did tweet on the same day about a new $10 billion investment from Foxconn which help create up to 13,000 new jobs in Wisconsin.

In the wake of her father's announcement, Ivanka's tweet sent during LGBT Pride Month (which Donald didn't recognise officially) has already registered a strong backlash from people who feel that she should be doing more for the community that she allegedly supports.

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