Jacinda Ardern's fiancee just cut and dyed his family's hair and people are obsessed with the result

One of the very predictable but highly enjoyable trends of lockdown has been people being forced to take the personal grooming they typically outsource into their own hands.

On social media, pictures and videos have been circulating for weeks of people cutting, dying and even shaving off their own hair.

In New Zealand, lockdown restrictions have eased, meaning hairdressers are actually allowed to operate again, with some reporting overnight queues around the block as people are desperate to get their groomed look back.

However, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided not to add to the high demand, and instead have her fiancee Clarke Gayford be her hair stylist.

He tweeted this morning:

Gayford and Ardern's daughter Neve Te Aroha will turn two this June.

People are very into this very relatable act of normal family life from a world leader.

Some were desperate for more details about the PM's new look.

Ardern is set to host a press conference tomorrow afternoon though, so we won't have to wait long before judging Gayford's skills.

This is the second time this weekend the couple have made headlines for being, well, just like everyone else.

Yesterday the PM was turned away from a local restaurant due to social distancing rules and Gayford popped over to Twitter to explain what happened.

Jacinda and partner, never change!

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