Jacida Ardern and her fiancee were just turned away from a local restaurant and responded in the best possible way

If anyone could pull the "don't you know who I am?!" card it's Jacinda Ardern, but obviously, this is not her style.

Everyone's favourite world leader today popped into a local cafe in Wellington today to grab a spot of lunch, but was turned away due to a lack of space – Ardern's own guidelines for reopening restaurants after lockdown state that customers must be seated at least a metre away from each other.

The establishment, called Olive, was forced to reject the prime minister, leaving at least one of the patrons pretty shocked, so he did the obvious and tweeted about it:

It seems that the powers at play managed to work something out though, as he tweeted again 13 minutes later:

In follow-up tweets, Joey said he was "about to run out and give her our table" and that the PM was "very gracious".

One of Ardern's most popular qualities is her relatability, giving voters the sense that she's just like everyone else, and this encounter seemed to reinforce that perception, especially when her fiance Clarke Gayford jumped into the conversation (we presume with Jacinda's blessing):

People were seriously into the whole vibe.

The restaurant owner told the New Zealand Herald that:

She had a lovely brunch and left half an hour later. She was lovely with all the staff ... [and] she was treated like a normal customer.

He added that it was nice "after all the drama and stress" of the past two months to be talking about "something light-hearted and fun".

We're inclined to agree.

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