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Musician Jack Remmington warmed the hearts of people on Twitter after he shared a lovely interaction that happened between him and a man who believed his son is gay.

Remmington revealed that he and his friend Marco Alessi had been playing on the Mariah Carey slots in Las Vegas when a ‘friendly’ man sat down to play on the machine next to them.

They wore bright pink shirts, prompting the man to ask them if they were together (no, they’re best friends), and then if they were gay.

He shared his story in a Twitter thread.

Remmington said the man had "lit up when talking about his son".

"I nearly started crying at how much he clearly loved him. The guy wanted to know how to make his son feel most comfortable about himself whilst not being too overt and glaringly obvious in forcing a conversation about his sexuality.

This man is SO sweet. From rural Arkansas and said whilst things are so much better now, he still just wants the world to be totally equal for his son. Marco and I said he sounds like he’s doing all the right things and that making his son know he’s loved is the best he can do.


What followed is probably one of the most adorable, salient and useful interactions between a parent seeking to help their potentially LGBT+ child, and two LGBT+ people.

The two men shared a few "anecdotes from personal experience", like normalising conversations around gay kisses on TV and calling out family members who would make queer-shaming comments.

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