Jacob Rees-Mogg mocked after comparing the Tories to a Lamborghini

Jacob Rees-Mogg mocked after comparing the Tories to a Lamborghini

Of all the Tory MPs currently in the cabinet, the last one we can imagine driving around in a sports car in Jacob Rees-Mogg.

We can see him being perfectly comfortable in a horse-drawn-carriage or maybe an old Rolls Royce but an Italian sports car? No. It just wouldn't look right.

That's why when he compared the Tory government to a Lamborghini in the Commons on Thursday, it had people spewing their espressos everywhere.

The 50-year-old leader of the house said:

We are the Lamborghini of governments. I've never known 0 to 60 being achieved at a faster pace.

Bear in mind, within a few weeks of the general election. We are the Aston Martin of governments if you prefer. 

I'm quite tempted to say the Bentley of governments but my 1936 Bentley takes so long to get to 60mph that it wouldn't necessarily be the right comparison. 

Of course, Jacob Rees-Mogg drives a car that is more than 80 years old. Anything newer just wouldn't fit with his vibe.

As you can imagine, his comparison didn't exactly chime well with people who were either quick to point out that it was quite an 'elitist' thing to say.

Rees-Mogg should probably have done a bit of research into the history of Lamborghini before using this analogy.

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