James O'Brien leaves Brexiteer speechless after taking apart every one of his claims about the EU

A Brexiteer was corrected by James O’Brien on a series of claims he made about the EU and the end result was the caller being left speechless and hanging up.

In the footage, Jim from Heathrow claims to be pro-Brexit because he fears his children being signed up to the European Army.

The LBC host insists the caller do some research since the UK could veto that any time they wanted. Jim, undeterred, claims the power of veto would vanish when the Lisbon Treaty expires.

O’Brien attempts to explain that the Lisbon Treaty myth has been debunked but the caller is adamant.

I don't need to Google something for information I already have.

In response, the host is unequivocal:

That stuff you read on Facebook has been rubbished, it's been pulled apart by everybody and you haven't noticed because you think it's information rather than lies.

The final moments are especially joyous, during which Jim claims there’s an aeroplane flying overhead and that he has to head off and get some work done.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below.

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